Scott Dahlquist

About Scott


Scott learned how to trade the market more than a decade ago. Since then he has become accomplished at using the latest, most profitable trading strategies available. He actively trades the futures and options market almost every day.

In his own personal account, Scott likes to identify possible trade setups that have a high-probability of moving in an anticipated direction. He marries technology, along with the visual analysis of an active chart, to choose and execute the trades for optimum, profitable results.

Scott is skilled at using numerous stand-alone indicators, such as MACD, Stochastics, Wilder’s RSI, moving averages, Bollinger bands and Fibonacci analysis to evaluate and identify potential positions in bullish and bearish markets. However, the primary tool he uses is the Pro9Trader suite of indicators.

Scott is passionate about helping others, who just like himself sees the potential of financial freedom that exists in the stock market. Scott had mentors who helped him get started and he’s eager to pay it forward. Students find Scott’s instruction to be thorough and easy to understand and are taken by his friendly and encouraging demeanor.

Scott has taught educational classes for students in the stock, options and futures market, helping them become better equipped and more confident traders. 

Scott has owned his own computer business for over 25 years and also has almost four years of experience as an instructor at a Michigan-based university. He has authored and provided basic, intermediate and advanced software education for a variety of regional and national companies.