Scott Dahlquist

High Impact Trading


Here is an example of one of the high-probability trades that are tracked using the Pro9Trader. (This is only one example. There are six trade setups that come with this Pro9Trader Elite’s suite of indicators.)

This trade took place on Oct. 10 and involved the S&P MidCap 400, which trades under the symbol EMD.

This was traded using the Pro9Trader Elite’s momentum long template. Three contracts were purchased with a trailing stop. The profit on this trade was $1,120.

On this chart you can see the turn bar (the white arrow) on the top of the screen, the Pro9 Dynamic Price portion. This signal to buy a position occurred around 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time. The yellow arrow that is added here on the chart shows a place to enter the trade.

Notice in this example that the potential entry point occurs when the setup meets all the trading rules that have been established. (You’ll get these up front so you’ll be ready.) There’s no need to freelance or try to make your own rules. Pro9Trader has established the rules and criteria that work best to produce high-probability trades.

It didn’t take long for this Momentum Trade, as discovered by the Pro9Trader’s suite of indicators, to take off and live up to its potential. A profit of $1,120 is nothing to sneeze at! Just ask yourself: What could I do with an extra $1,120?

Because Pro9Trader has established the guidelines, it’s up to you to follow the rules. You don’t have to worry about getting sweaty palms or a migraine headache trying to decide what to do. With Pro9Trader, you stick to the plan.

Do you see how using Pro9Trader takes your emotions out of your decision?

When you look at this particular chart, you can find three other possible positions that were worth consideration, but were tossed out because they didn’t match the rules and conditions. When you use Pro9Trader, if a trade doesn’t meet each established criteria, you just throw it out and discard it.

By following the directions for the trade and sticking to the rules, you never need to second-guess yourself!

In addition to the Momentum Trade (which is one of the most popular setups for Pro9Trader students), there are possible setups for a Single-T Trade, A Breakout Trade and a Red Dot Trend Trade on this example. That’s four possible setups on the EMD for this day.

The Dot Trade is easy to spot. Do you see that big red dot at the top of the chart – just before those bars turn red and start going the other direction. Conditions may look good for a trade, but once you check the rules for this position, they didn’t match up for success. There was no trade! So you forget it and move on to the next position. That’s what Pro9Trader does!

You just have to follow the rules. The Pro9Trader establishes rules that help qualify the trades with the highest probability of success. Likewise, the suite of indicators will disqualify the trades with the lowest potential. Why would you want to get involved with a trade when you knew it probably wasn’t going to work?

You must learn to trade like a robot, follow the trading plan and take your emotions out of trading. That’s how the Pro9Trader suite of indicators can work for you.